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 Lafevor Farm is intent upon feeding our family the best produce, free of pesticides and non-GMO, to help grow strong and to protect our health. I know you want this too! We have seen the cracks in our nationwide food distribution picture and like many of you, I see the merit in a return to simpler times when truck farms provided much of our food. A time when we could see the farmer who harvested our food and say hello to him, or her, when we purchased it. These traditions are new to some younger cooks and home-makers and using fresh produce can be bewildering. Our mission is to provide beautiful food and interface with those who purchase it, to make the most of what we have and use it to the benefit of our family‚Äôs health and our best economic interests. Please join the Lafevor Farm Family in partnering to do nothing less than change the way America eats.

Picture to the right: Mark in the sweet corn patch

Generations of Farmers

Mark and his Father Larry

Farming has been in the Lafevor family for generations. Mark, Mark's father Larry, grandfather Paul, and great grandpa John, were all farmers raising beef cattle, dairy cattle, hogs and chickens. Each generation of Lafevors had large vegetable gardens, so the family's food supply was generated at home.

Picture below: Mark's Father Larry on the John Deere.

Generations of Farmers

Grandpa Paul

Picture below: Grandpa Paul baling hay for the beef cattle with Mark on the hay wagon at age 14.

Generations of farmers

Grandpa Paul and Great Grandpa John

Mark grew up helping his dad bale hay and hand-picking green beans for his mother to put up for the winter. She canned corn, tomatoes and other vegetables as well to ensure that the family had tasty and nutritious meals. These traditions are still important today!

Picture below: Great grandpa John and Grandpa Paul with the horse-drawn wagon.

Growing GREEN fields and a green ENVIRONMENT