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Growing GREEN 

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About Lafevor Farm

We have all seen the cracks in our nationwide food distribution picture and like many of you, I see the merit in a return to simpler times when truck farms provided much of our food. A time when we could see the farmer who harvested our food and say hello to him, or her, instead of 3 or 4 people down the distribution line.


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Lafevor Farm

We are intent upon feeding our family the best produce, free of pesticides and non-GMO seeds, to help them grow strong and to protect their health. I know you want this too.

Farmers Market

Produce loses at least 30% of its nutritional value in the first 3 days!

Lafevor Farm sells at local farmers markets that are less than 100 miles away. We maximize freshness to meet the goals of nutrition for our family and yours!

Farm Practices

Lafevor Farm strives to practice farm integrity by utilizing crop rotation, compost, and cover crops. This gives our farm no need to use sprays!